Outside Help

Once things really get underway with your writing you’ll quickly realize how little time you have for certain tasks. Tasks that revolve around social media, advertising, etc. but are nonetheless very important. This is the point in time when you have a decision to make. You can try and do everything yourself (although that’s almost guaranteed to backfire) or you can get help. The sort of help that frees up a few hours of your day for more pressing matters. The sort of help that can keep you from drowning in a sea of tedium. And, without a doubt, it’s not a question of “if” you’ll need help but “when” you’ll need it.


If you’ve reached a place in your writing career where your fan base is sufficient then help can be found with no more than a tweet or Facebook post. A handful of devoted fans can lend you a small portion of their time on a daily or weekly basis for no more than a little extra consideration when you have new projects in the works. Maybe you share some concepts for new book covers or an excerpt or two from your latest novel. In return they can keep you informed about minor issues that may arise with your personal site or social media pages. Even more, they can help supply you with material (i.e. articles, pictures, etc.) for you to share with the rest of your fans and the world. In the long-run this is probably your most cost effective option.


Another approach would be signing up with a company that can take care of emails, tweets, posts, and so on automatically. One service in particular, Post Planner, helps automate posts to social media platforms so they can be sent on specific days at specific times. All you do is choose from the material they have provided and determine when it goes out. The convenience of it all coupled with the low cost (I think about $8 a month) is, in my opinion, worth giving them consideration. As far as emailing your fans, there are options in that area as well. Among the most well known would be MailChimp, a company that provides you with a server to build your email list at no initial cost. You can set up an account and from there send targeted advertisements for your books not to mention automated email responses.


For a more personal touch (aside from the help of your adoring fans) you can hire someone for temporary work. A relatively small amount of money can give you access to your own personal assistant who can handle some of the more menial or meticulous aspects of your busy schedule. A good place to look might be Upwork at the higher end of the financial spectrum. The individuals here can be a bit pricey but are also highly experienced. At the other end of the spectrum you have Fiverr, a place where you can find good help without breaking the bank. In the end it’s all about your specific needs and your priorities whether or not you take this route, but eventually you will need help. The sooner you realize this the better you can prepare.

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